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What are the payment options when purchasing Form2PDF?

These are the options for purchasing Form2PDF:

How do I find the hostid needed for the license?

The "hostid" is needed to generate a commercial license for Form2PDF and needs to be specified when purchasing a license.

If Form2PDF is already installed, running in evaluation mode without a commercial license the command "form2pdf --showhostid" can be issued to display the hostid.

If Form2PDF is not installed this is how you find the "hostid" for your operating system (valid for Form2PDF 3.x versions):

My hostid has changed or will change. How can I transfer my license?

The Form2PDF license is tied to the hostid of the server where it is used. If hardware needs to be replaced the hostid may change and therefore a new license key is required. Any customer has the right to transfer the license from one server to another provided that the software will only be installed on one server at any given time.

The procedure to request a license transfer is the following:

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