Version comparison

In the table below you will find which features are available in what versions of Form2PDF.

1.x 2.x 3.x 4.x
Specify page and font sizes (built-in fonts) X X X X
Background image (overlay) X X X X
Specify document metadata (limited support) X X X X
Specify document metadata (full support) X X X
Add pages to existing PDF document X X X
Document encryption (weak, 40 bits) X X X
Document encryption (strong, up to 128 bits) X X X
Unicode support X X
Character mappings X X
Built-in font support X X X X
TrueType font support X X
PCL support X X
Support for hyperlinks X X
Document bookmarks (outline) X X
PDF/A compliance X X
SMTP client
Built-in SMTP client X X X X
SMTP authentication X X X X
Full name for sender and recipients X X X
Ability to specify multiple recipients X X X
Cc and Bcc support X X X
Delivery status notifications X X X
Mail-only (without PDF conversion) X X X
Add any file as attachment (with mail-only) X X X
Syslog logging X X X
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